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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of
‘Zante Fox and Friends’

Meet ‘Zante’ the cute and cuddly adorable fox and his loving but unusual rescued family in these magical books and films.

‘Smudge’ the rabbit and his side-kick ‘Squeek’ the guinea pig cause havoc and upset with their sarcastic personalities, whilst ‘Harpo’ the macaw, ‘Flower’ the meerkat and ‘Sapphire’ the owl have to keep the peace.

With the help of all their other friends these books and films will touch the hearts of all ages for generations to come.

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An Introduction

‘Zante Fox and Friends’ is a series of books and films written by ‘Steve Lucock’ and produced by Saviours Haven Media and Publishing LTD

Although the books are mainly fictional the animals are very real

‘Zante’ and his friends all live in a house with ‘Steve’, it is their forever home where they are all loved and considered family

Most of the animals are either rescued or re-homed

After covid lock down they were still unable to work as normal so ‘Steve’ wanted to give the animals more enrichment to stop them from being bored.

He started building small sets in the home for the animals to explore and play on and then started photographing them having a fun time. Somebody suggested that he wrote a book, so he turned the photographs into pictures and started writing rhyming stories around what the animals had been doing naturally

The rest ‘as they say’ is history…..

All of the books and films are photographed and filmed within their home which is where the animals are most comfortable and happy. None of the animals are trained and none of them perform, they are all simply loved, cuddled and cared for. Steve works very closely with Animal Licensing officers to make sure that his loved ones are all looked after in the best possible way

(Animal Licensing Number NPA/4)

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